Your Home in Watercolor a unique gift!

Your Home in Watercolor a unique gift!

Your Home in Watercolor a unique gift!Your Home in Watercolor a unique gift!Your Home in Watercolor a unique gift!

 Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind gift?  Watercolor artist, Mary Ostazeski Johnson, can create a lovely watercolor of that special home or cabin at a price you can afford. Contact her at or  attaching photos and instructions. Very intricate homes, complicated angles or unclear   photos  may require special pricing. Or send photos by mail to:

 Mary Ostazeski  Johnson

    18200 Ginavale Lane

     Eden Prairie, MN 55346



5"x7"----$75.00 matted/shrinkwrapped to 8"x10"

8"x11"----$120.00 matted/shrinkwrapped to 11"14"

9"x13"----$160.00 matted/shrinkwrapped to 14"x18"

11"x15"----$200.00matted/shrinkwrapped to 16"x20"

Other sizes available upon request up to 22"x30"


About the artist



For over 40 years Mary has been preserving memories of homes, cottages and farms through watercolor. With unusual attention to detail she has completed 8,000  commissioned pieces. Mary has also created a line of prints featuring  Minneapolis and Lake Minnetonka.  Her work has been featured on the label of Lehman Farms gourmet food products, Courage Center Christmas cards, and the MN Governor's  1980 Christmas card. 

While Mary is primarily self-taught, she attributes her artistic development to an inspiring high school art teacher. Mary was awarded an art scholarship for her first year of college and later received two Bachelors degrees in Ministry and Elementary Education. Mary has participated in countless mid-west art fairs and home shows and has had a wide audience for her specialty, YOUR HOME IN WATERCOLOR. Reasonable prices and quick turn-arounds have resulted in many satisfied customers.


What have past clients had to say about the artist?

"Mary has completed several paintings for my family and me and we couldn't be happier with the results.  She has the keen ability to translate photographs into beautiful watercolors that truly depict the subject of the photos, whether it be a home, business or car.  Her artistic skill proves valuable as she easily provides guidance through the process with the end product a valued and accurate keepsake."

Ruth Dessel - Shoreview, MN

 "Mary's paintings are the perfect closing gift for my sellers... brings tears to their eyes!"

AnnaMae Lambert - Edina Realty


"One Christmas we commissioned Mary to paint the lake home for an inlaw gift. She did three small paintings depicting unique aspects of the property... they were so thrilled. The next Christmas she did a childhood home for them - it looked so cozy and actually captured childhood memories. It is such a clever gift."

Andrea Hanisch - St. Bonifacious, MN